Istvan Fijkin’s artistic style builds upon various pre-existing styles. His uniqueness come from his imagery, of the techno-surrealistic metamorphosis of the world of music into visual arts. The metaphorical visual expression of music in his paintings has been inspired by familiar melodies and the harmonious vibrations of the artist’s soul. He transforms music into visual media, by building the paintings into images of high-tech structures, whit the use of his masterful skill of traditional paintbrush alone.

“In the beginning there was only music. It filtered the tears of clouds and refined the discord of words. It cleansed the corridors and screened the sands of solitude. It unveiled and covered the nights, contended in snowy seclusion, and offered only answers. It shaped the locks of comprehension and scattered them among the clouds. It sketched figures, connected lines, designed the form and placed fragments of space in the wrinkles of time. It wove sounds into the canvas…they still live there today… I am glad it is that way.”