Istvan Fujkin / Art of Music Vision
First North American Exhibition

The exhibition was include 40 oil paintings (with the inspirational music available on mobile phones), music themed sculptures, living music sculptures and the first Canadian appearance of Laser Harp (most notably used in Europe by Jean Michel Jarre). The collection, named "Independent Capriccio" created over 21-year span, include works inspired by the music of King Crimson, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf, Dire Straits and others. The "Blue Owl" collection is inspired by contemporary Native American music including Robbie Robertson and Carlos Nakai. The exhibition will also feature some of the exceptional design work. I relocated to Canada in 1998 from Hungary, and I have developed for Metronome: Canada's Music City, the Domenic Troiano Guitar Music Awards a Silver: The Musical. The exhibition will include a draw from all attendees for a featured painting.

Video report of the exhibition opening ceremony




Photo report of the exhibition opening ceremony




HAPPENING - 2014 july 12.

One week before the opening of the exhibition. sidewalk drawing and costumed exhibition flyer give-away on Toronto's main square.


The first brush strokes.


The drawing is taking shape.


An enthusiastic viewer connects with the creation.


And of course the girs, Klara Boglarka Szabo and Taylor Domingos, dressed in costumes and smiles.

The Girls in Action.


The drawing is developing more beautifully.


The drawing is developing more and more beautifully.


And there are more people gathering.

And there are more and more people gathering.


Kathryn Tarver the sidewalk artist with a completed drawing.




 THE GALERRY - 2014 july 17

Everything is ready... TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY










THE OPENING SHOW - 2014 july 18.


... Well, the time is here.

The exhibition opening, Gabriella Szabo and Gabor Csige the Hungarian Consul in Toronto.


Further praising words, John Harris President of Harris Institute and the Metronome Canada.

... And all who came.


... And all who came.


... And all who came.


... And all who came.


The hospitality.


With the girls dressed in costumes and a smiles, a toast to the festive offer festivity with 40 glass of brandy. ( the glasses designed by Reka Ratkai)



Don Garbutt with laser harp rehearsal the action, when everything worked.


Iris Kuzmanic, with laser harp rehearsal the action, when everything worked.


... And in action with the "invisible laser harp", when unfortunately  the smoke machine stopped working.


... But, we all had fun.  :)