In 1990, István Fujkin joined the "Laser Theatre" of Budapest, which is the only permanent theatre of its kind in Europe. It uses the interaction of light and music and the most advanced auditory and visual technology. Fujkin contributed tremendously to the success of the theatre by artistically combining these advanced forms of light and sound expressions and by developing a new method of multi-visional panoramic projection. The laser concerts: "METEMORPHONIA", "U2" and "CARMINA BURANA" (oratorio by Carl Orff) were made by the so-called globular painting method. This special technique is the combination of collage and air-brush painting. The photo images of paintings made inside a globe (2m) appear highly magnified (23m) on the slides in the cupola of the planetarium, and they are synchronized with music. Since Fujkin's work is inspired by musical experiences, many prominent rock stars and rock groups in Hungary have enhanced their new albums through CD covers and illustrations designed by him. In 1993 Fujkin was asked to design the entire visual aspect of the comeback concert for the Hungarian rock group "SKORPIO".

"METAMORPHONIA" Laser Theatre, Hungary - 1991

BAND IMAGE DESIGN ( Skorpio - Hungary )